We all want to be able to survive crises that inevitably come our way.  People do this in many different ways. Some stick their heads in the sand, buy Insurance, believe in InShaAllah or "if God wills",  join a religious group, fill a big house with lots of stuff, save as much money as they can, dedicate their whole life to a job or business, gain wilderness or military survival skills, etc. Others become “preppers” stocking up on supplies and knowledge preparing to survive the coming apocalypse, financial meltdown, EMP, zombie apocalypse. etc. Often being well prepared in one area but entirely neglecting others.

Most crises require planning in multiple if not all of the 7 Pillars of the Frugal Prosumer. Spending most of ones effort in only one or two of these areas can be disasterous if that’s not the area a crisis hits you.

AuthorJohn Johnston