The purpose of any business is to make money.

In The Business Of No Business

  • The goal is to create happiness for One-Another, solve people problems, and build wealth in many areas (not just money).
  • Making money is the result, not the goal. Money is the byproduct.

The Business of No Business is how many businesses start. 

Steps to Creating The Business of No Business

  1. Using your gifts and passion to do something you love and that gives you pleasure.  (And if your dream involves working towards a better world, developing skills in that area)
  2. Learning from others and gaining expertise by doing. (Ponder creative ideas to make the world a better place and how you can be  a change agent)
  3. Sharing your excitement and happiness with others by gifting your products/services/art.
  4. Earning some money from your skills by helping others so you have funds to innovate, refine, and gift more One-Another’s.
  5. Wash, rinse, and repeat until. . .
  6. Ones multitudes of One-Another’s are so happy with the great value they received from you that they bless you with great wealth. (money, unIncome, happiness, gifts in kind, etc.)

A vital part to The Business of No Business, is being a Frugal Prosumer, as it enables one to:

  • Produce a product or service without the need for lots of cash.
  • Live on less, so you can charge less.
  • Become richer in One-Another’s.

It’s not money we want or need. We need others who provide us with goods, services, and happiness. Money in and of its self is just a piece of paper or electronic blips. Money is only the grease that makes the exchange of goods and services easier. Do not make the mistake of becoming enamored with or falling in love with the grease. We’ve all heard it said. “Money is the root of all evil.”  Those who have taken the time to look at the source documents of this quote will find that’s not what it says. The quote is: “The love of money is the root of all evil”.

“Love people and use money” DO NOT: “Love money and use people”.

Money can never buy happiness but it can create a lot of pain. Money can’t buy the most important things in life like love, etc.. Yes it a helpful tool but not the goal.

Research shows while money can ease many aspects of these people's lives, it made other aspects more difficult.

A final thought

Without Allélón (the Greek word for One-Another) there is no business. For any business to succeed you must help others succeed, help solve peoples problems, help create happiness and they in turn help you succeed.

Allélón is moving away from the scarcity economy (where your wealth is only what you have) to an abundance economy of (combined wealth of One-Another).

AuthorJohn Johnston