Always strive to have a Non zero day. A day where you do at least one thing more than nothing for yourself and someone else’s self.

This can be for the past, present or future self. I.e.

  • Expression of gratitude for past events, favors, or accomplishments.
  • Forgive ourself and others.
  • Exercise and books (which is a sneaky way of saying self improvement, both physical, emotional and mental)

Practicing Allélón (One-Another) is what gives you life and enriches you. So strive to always have a Non Zero Allélón day.

Remember One-Another isn’t one another if it doesn’t includes you.

If you’re looking for some ideas for what to do, here’s a list of One-Another activities, from the best-selling book in all of history.

Adopt a 1A(one-another) for each day of the month

(Remember to be accepting and thank those who do the same to you.)

  1. Accept 1A
  2. Admonish 1A
  3. Agree with 1A
  4. Bear 1A’s burdens
  5. Bear with 1A
  6. Build up 1A
  7. Care for 1A
  8. Comfort 1A
  9. Confess your faults to 1A
  10. Consider 1A better than yourselves
  11. Devoted to 1A
  12. Employ gifts for benefit of 1A
  13. Encourage 1A
  14. Exhort 1A
  15. Forgive 1A
  16. Greet 1A with a holy kiss
  17. Honor 1A
  18. Hospitality to 1A
  19. Humility towards 1A
  20. Kind & compassionate with 1A
  21. Likeminded towards 1A
  22. Live in harmony with 1A
  23. Look to the interests of 1A
  24. Patient with 1A
  25. Pray for 1A
  26. Serve 1A
  27. Speak the truth to 1A
  28. Speak to 1A with songs
  29. Submit to 1A
  30. Teach 1A 
AuthorJohn Johnston
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