FrugaL Prosumer Economics Principles enable us to have more time and resources for Allelon (One another)

We have covered the principle and ideas of Allelon in other articles. This article gives you practical ways of and how to have more time and resources to implement Allelon. We call it the Prosumer Way. It’s math you didn't learn in school.


Allelon is the Greek word for one another, each other; mutually, reciprocally.

If we take the time to look around and observe the world and our past we will quickly come to the conclusion that without one another we would not be alive because:

  • We couldn’t be born.
  • We couldn’t survive as babies.
  • We couldn’t get an education to learn how to survive.
  • We couldn’t cloth or feed ourselves.

Money has no value without one another.

Money only comes from one another and only has any value because of one another.

Therefore one another is our most important resource and investment— not money and things.

Wealth only comes from one another.

The Trinity of life

In everything you do ask yourself. 

  1. Relationships: Are we practicing the principle of one another?
  2. Balance: Have we gotten off balance in our thinking or actions?
  3. Truth: Is it the truth(vs deception) based on education (ours or someone else's experience)? 

1. Relationships:

Without one another we are dead!

Relationships are the basis of life and all economic's

  • Most people and religions would agree with the Bible that love is the most important thing in life.
  • Love can only take place within the context of relationships therefore the principle of one anther is the most important thing in life.
  • Exchange of goods/services and specializations is what enables us to accumulate wealth and free time. (not have to spend most of our life just getting food and shelter)
  • Division of labor: relationships and trust enable us to have other people save us time by exchanging areas where each one is more efficient and skilled
  • With few or poor relationships we can just barely get by.
  • With The abundance of good relationships we can thrive and grow wealthy.


  • Money: Simplifies the exchange of goods by solving the time and place problem and only comes fromrelationships.
  • Work: The only reason people pay us is to help them succeed (does that mean our whole life is devoted to helping people succeed or is that really what we are here for)?
  • We have to have some money to support our "business of life" but it doesn't have to consume so much of our lives.
  • Relationships and one another is our most valuable investment, not money, things, or financial assets
    • Taxes & Fees: Problem is government controls the money and is the vehicle used to impose taxes and fees to take a big chunk of cash transactions. Taxes are one of your biggest expenses. The deception is only a little bit here and a little bit there so one doesn’t .
    • Interest is another huge “Tax”. Instead use a prepaid loan/credit card. It’s called savings.

The robber barons do not like you doing things for free or without money as: Without the accumulation of money or the exchange of money it is very difficult for the robber barons to get a hold of your wealth. Especially if your wealth is in relationship.

Solution: Reduce need for cash and invest more in relationships and unIncome.

2. Balance

Without balance we are dead!

Balance and the 98.6° principle

  • Our whole life is a balancing act of keeping our body within a few degrees of 98.6. Life = body temperature not much < or > 98.6°
  • We need the input of relationships to keep us balance
  • We need to find the right balance between money and life.
  • Balance is not about avoiding the far extremes but tweaking a few degrees between sickness and life and death.
    • To much of life, politics, religion, etc., is about dealing with extremes when we should be looking at the few degrees of balance that we need that is just a little bit different from other people.
  • Any point taken to an extreme and unbalanced can turn into deception

3. Truth (Education)

Without education we are dead!

The problem with the word “education” is there is so much deception surrounding it. Too often people just think education is formal schooling.

Education only comes through experience: Ours or someone else’s.

Without relationships there is no education

  • A wide variety of input from different relationships is very important to a balanced education that enables us to discern truth

The only way to not be deceived is to be educated.

  • Without education or knowledge we are easily deceived.
  • Learning truth is what sets us free from deception.
  • Words are the most frequent method to educate or deceive.

Without education we cannot accomplish anything.

  • Everything we do is learned. (Similar to relationships without it we are dead.)
  • A big deception is that education is only formal education.

Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge (education).

There are two parts to our creation: 

  • Our physically creations (Nature)
  • Our "education" creation (Nurture) of who we become through our teachers. (Our teachers are parents, experience, books, formal and informal education, etc.)

As teachers we are creators of people we need to:

  • Be very selective of who our teachers are
  • Take our responsibility of creating/teaching others seriously. (Anybody we come in contact with we are creating/teaching.)


Some common deceptions and equations that:

  • We need to understand
  • That keep us from following our passion
  • Rob us of joy and wealth

To fund The Family Business

Our primary business is keeping our bodies at 98.6°  The most important way we do that is through the help of our family or as I call it the "Family Business". Most all families in the USA are a million or more dollar business. As that's what they will take in, in their lifetime. Not understanding this is your most important economic asset can be fatal.

  • Deception Equation: funding the Family business = both spouses working full time.
  • Truth equation: in the USA to fund the Family business = one spouses working for pay part time.
  • Truth equation: UnIncome, relationships, planning=> 50%  of ones time and money available to pursue ones passion/mission.
  • After taking care of The Family Business one of the best ways to build wealth and keep more of what you have is to have start A Family Business (different from the "The Family Business"). But even better yet is the business of no business.


  • Deception Equation: Shelter = Fashion statement
    • Confusing the need for shelter to keep our bodies at 98.6° with a clothing fashion statement of what we wear (house, clothes, car, etc) with needs
  • Truth equation: shelter = housing and clothing to keep the body at 98.6°

Earning more money

  • Deception Equation: pay raise only= increase income
  • Truth Equation: permanent pay raise =  reducing expenses

UnIncome is a pay raise and is still there if you loose your job. (UnIncome is things that we do so we don't have to earn money to pay for them.


  • Deception Equation: Personal debt = Higher standard of living
  • Truth Equation: Personal debt = One of the greatest hindrances to building wealth

Which category do you fall into after subtracting expenses from income?

  • Freedom (joy, less stress, life)        Income - Expenses = Assets (Which is savings and investments)
  • Bondage (worry, stress, death  Income - Expenses = Liabilities (Which is Debt) 

Which one are you?               

  • Spending > (more than) you earn     =    Acquiring Debt
  • Spending = (all) you earn                    =    Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  • Spending < (less than) you earn       =    Acquiring Wealth


(Use Income Expense Form or P & L Statement)

  • Deception Equation: Budget = is bad because it restricts and controls me
  • Truth Equation: Budget = let's you know if you're spending more than you're taking in and freedom to determine where your money is going (not someone else)

The budget doesn't tell you what you have to do it just makes it easier for decide which one you're going to do. Without it you have no roadmap for success so you're lost.


  • Deception Equation 1: Retirement = around 65
  • Truth Equation 1: You retire when passive income >(greater them) expenses (I.e., by mid-week, month, year, life, etc.)


  • Deception Equation 2: Retirement = sit back and enjoying life.
  • Truth Equation 2: Retirement = time to give back to the world and make it a better place for future generations. (You should've been enjoying life all along.)
    • A problem: Most financial and retirement advisors only work on the increase passive income side of the equation
    • A solution: Working on the reducing expense side of the equation can at times be even more powerful than increasing passive income

Retirement = Passive income > (greater than) Expenses  (Not age 65 or whatever)

Winning the lottery

  • Deception Equation: Have it made = winning a million dollar lottery
  • Truth Equation: Most American families will earn > million $ but keep practically none of it.

I am poor

  • Deception Equation: Not having money = Poor
  • Truth equation: Broke = spending more than you earn
  • Truth equation: Poor = you don't have any money to spend

Some other Equations based on the 7 Pillars of The Frugal Prosumer

1. Spiritual

  • FALSE   Spiritual = Religion
  • TRUE     Spiritual = One Another

2. Psychological

  • FALSE   Mental health = Therapy
  • TRUE     Mental health = Understanding One Another (personality types) 

3. Education

  • FALSE   Education = Formal schooling
  • TRUE     Education = Experience (yours or others)

4. Health

  • FALSE   Insurance = Health insurance87n
  • TRUE     Health insurance = Prevention

5. Financial

  • FALSE   Earning more = way to get ahead
  • TRUE     UnIncome & One Another = way to get ahead  

6. Prosumer

  • FALSE   Living on less = Depravation
  • TRUE     Living Rich on Less = Joy 

7. Security

  • FALSE  Security = Money
  • TRUE    Security = Good relationships (many one another's)

Some other common deceptions:

  • Having and spending less means sacrifice and or pleasure
  • Spending less means not as nice and suffering
  • One cannot live luxuries and richly and be better off by spending less


The 7 Frugal Prosumer ways of getting Paid

The Frugal Prosumer understands money is just one of 7 ways of getting paid and that what most people consider a good “paycheck” may in fact be a deception.

  1. The Pay in Benefits and joys that come from:
  2. Spirituality: Creating, being earth steward’s, and making the world a better place. Helping others and building relationships between, God, man, and nature.
  3. Psychologically: Understanding ourselves and others. The mental health that comes from the fun of creatively becoming freer, doing what you love, making friends, and bringing joy to others.
  4. Educated: Learning new skills that increase wealth. Discovering ways to produce a superior service that meet the needs of others.
  5. Health: Real health “assurance” not just commercial health insurance (which is really only sickness insurance). A “job” that you love that contributes to yours and the health of others. (Lifestyle and stress are the biggest thing affecting health and a prosumer business offers many more options of reducing these stressors.)
  6. Finances: Having the money to pay our bills. The unIncome that comes with the job. (Standard and not so standard fringe benefits.) Taking what you’re learning on the job and turning it into an income producing business of your own which further reduces financial risk and stress by having multiple streams of income.
  7. Prosumerism: Acquiring skill that enables you to Live Rich on Less and produce more of what you consume. Being less involved in the commercialization of life.
  8. Security: Safety and Peace of mind that comes from the resiliency of being a prosumer. (Enables one to better withstand the blows of life when they come.) Security of not needing as much or being dependent on just one“paycheck” or source of income, currently or in retirement.


Types of businesses

Running “A Family" business to keep our bodies at 98.6°

The 4 ways to fund The family business

Active income

  • Employee – rent yourself out
  • Self-employed – own your job

Passive income

  • Business owner – own a system and others working for you
  • Investments – money working for you

The Frugal Prosumer understands the importance of these 4 but they also understand the power of having the balance of working on the expense side of the equation or as we call it “unIncome".

Types of Business

  • Consumer- what we usual think about as a business and who we do most business with. gas station, grocery store, plumber, etc.
  • Prosumer- A one another business where the primary goal is to help others succeed and cash income is just a part of it.
  • The Family- The business involved in running and raising a family which at times may include A Family Business.

All of these can and do overlap at times.

Types of Income

  • Passive-  Income from investments and things you don't have to do manual work for.
  • Active- What most people think earning none is- i.e. Job, your own business, subcontracting, etc.
  • UnIncome- Things that you do that reduce your need for pass or active income. i.e. installing passive solar, LED lighting, cooking own fancy meal, providing your own entertainment etc.
AuthorJohn Johnston