The Frugal Prosumer Philosophy

We believe that building community and reducing expenses are two vital principles and are the keys to a fulfilling life. It’s not about becoming as rich as possible or becoming super powerful. It’s about stripping away the things that are hindering you from living the life you want to live. We want to give you hope so that you can achieve freedom. We believe that relationships are one of your strongest assets and greatest joys. Without good relationships you will never be truly happy.We believe that knowing how to reduce expenses is key to one of the greatest struggles in Where will you get it? How will you spend it? How you’re going to keep it.With these two key points covered and running smoothly you will have the freedom to accomplish whatever it is that you want. This is the freedom to be free.After years of weeding through the details and the overwhelming flood of bad information we have pulled out the stuff that actually works. We condensed, streamlined, and are now presenting this information to you.

We believe in what we write because we live it. We know it works.

What is a Frugal Prosumer?

A Frugal Prosumer Is someone who has developed a healthy mix of producing things for their own consumption and consuming things produced by others. Thus they are not just consumers of what other people produce in the “landfill of life,” but they have a healthy balance productivity.


The Frugal Prosumer represents a philosophy of living a financially sound lifestyle. Our material is for those interested in living free. It is a philosophy of life that, over the centuries, many have discovered can increase their well-being.

The format of this book reflects The Frugal Prosumer philosophy. We purposely chose this format because you can easily copy pages from it for study groups or to give to a friend. It is much less expensive to print in short runs and enables us to get the information to you quickly in this fast changing economy. Your purchase of this book helps fund our mission and helps make this information available to even more people who desperately need it.

A Frugal Prosumer focuses on eliminating wasteful consumer systems and concentrates onliving within their means and maximizing resources. These simple ideas are what we have been discovering, are practicing, and hope to pass on to others.


Instead of counting up all you have done at the end of the day, The Frugal Prosumer counts up what they have eliminated “having to do.” What did you do to eliminate work and expenses so that tomorrow you are freer? For example:

  • instead of working to buy heating fuel-- work to insulate your house to reduce your need of buying fuel.
  • Instead of working to save for retirement, reduce expenses so you don’t need as much for retirement. Work to decrease expenses so in retirement you don’t have to have much money.
  • Instead of habitually succumbing to those who say, “The only way to feel good is to spend money on our product.” Find non monetary or non commercial ways to feel good.

Many people today start with the premise that industry and money are inherently bad and that ecology and economy are diametrically opposed to each other. More often than not, what is good ecologically is generally good for the pocket book. The problem is that many things out there, advertised as good for the planet, are just another way to get you to consume more of their products. The bottom line is, if you reduce your consumption you will reduce your expenses. Remember it’s not that money is the root of the world’s problems, rather the love of money is the root of all evil. 

Many who have had only the experience of living in a world of modern conveniences, naively think that the solution is returning to “the old ways” or a “primitive” life style. From my experience of living primitively and in the Third World, those who live that way seldom have a desire to continue in that lifestyle. The solution is to wed modern technology with the sustainable ways of the primitive lifestyle. What I call: “Using high tech to go low tech.”

We hope this information will help you learn how to Live Free using high tech as well as low tech. You can make a difference in this world, instead of just existing or getting by from paycheck to paycheck. Do not just copy what we do. Use these concepts to spur yourself on to eliminate the obstacles that hinder your life goals. Use the concepts to empower you to make a difference in this world. Here are some ideas:

  • Reevaluate the economic system so that you can understand what you can do to stop others from taking your freedom away. 
  • Learn how to use resources as efficiently as possible.
  • Get more bang from each buck you spend. 

In our homes and all around us there is wasted money, talent, energy, resources, etc. As you search them out and start to eliminate them, you will be on your path to living free.

With adequate information it is very possible to: LIVE LIKE A KING ON A PEASANT’S BUDGET

From John & Mary's Book- "The Frugal Prosumer Philosophy"