Are you ready when the lights have left?  Transformer blows up? Storm? Grid down? Zombie attack?

Sometimes these situations are for a few hours, a few days or as in recent hurricanes for some people  a week or more. Each scenario requires different degrees of preparedness but all are similar. 

The most  important thing is to get yourself  a LED headlight.  Because:

  1. LED's last much, much longer than regular flashlight bulbs and the bulbs are nearly indestructible.
  2. A head mounted light leaves your hands free to read or do anything else you might need to do in a blackout or outside at night. Like getting that generator or other emergency lighting going.
  3. Everywhere you look is lit up with a headlamp. Again, hands are free. I even use it in my work shop to shed some light into those dark nooks and crannies.
  4. It also has many uses in non emergency situations: reading in bed without disturbing other person,  change baby diapers without turning on bright room light waking him up any more than he already is, after-dark dog-walking, etc.
  5. Saves money on running outdoor or shop lights. I love using mine as I can go in my workshop or outside at night without having to turn on expensive yard lights and then forgetting to turn them off again.
  6. A headlamp can prevent injuries and medical bills from tripping and falling over things you didn't see.
  7. Great security tool for shining the light on any person or animal hiding in the dark.

Some other good ideas are:

  • Have a good supply of flashlight batteries on hand or rechargeable batteries and/or a solar charger.
  • Have a land line or cell phone that doesn't require electricity.
  • Have a cellphone charger that you can plug into your car to recharge the battery.
  • Have a radio that can run off of batteries or is hand cranked or use your car radio.
  • Have a way to charge your music playing device. For many, no music will kill you .
AuthorJohn Johnston