Christmas Theology

According to the Bible

Answer the following questions and support your answers from the Bible.

We'll make it easy the story is in only two short places: Mathew 2:1-12; Luke 2:1-20

  1. What form of transportation did Mary use to get to Bethlehem?
  2. What form of transportation did the Magi (wise men) use to get to Jesus?
  3. What form of transportation did the shepherds use?
  4. What kind of building was Jesus born in?
  5. List the things/people that were at the manger scene?
  6. How man wise men were there?
  7. Where was Jesus when the wise men brought their gifts?
  8. How many gifts did the wise men give Jesus?
  9. About how old was Jesus when the Magi brought him his gifts?
  10. How did the angels bring the message to the shepherds?
  11. What do we know about the innkeeper?
  12. How many times is the Christmas story told in the Bible Give the references!

Whoops! For most people, if you went and read the story, the most common answers and thing you saw on Christmas cards or sang in hymns was made up. 

One of the most well known stories in the Bible & maybe the world. Do we have the facts straight? Do we really know our Bibles or let other people (cards, songs, etc.) tell us what it says? Do you read the Book? If one of the most important and well-known stories of the Bible is so misconstrued. What about rest of Bible?