About Preparedness

The purpose of this section is to promote emergency awareness and preparedness for disasters and other major emergencies that can strike at anytime with little or no warning, including small-scale ("localized") events that unfold everyday in neighborhoods across America. No one is safe from nature’s wrath, tragic mishaps, terrorism, crime, and other dangerous situations, and while it's true that some things are beyond our control, in those times, minimizing the risk to you or your family is the bottom line! Information is key! We are firm believers that preparedness is just a part of everyday life and everyday survival skills.  In most cases it should not be separate from our daily life. Preparedness is about filling your tank with gas so you don't get stranded, or planing ahead for when your kids graduate, or planting a garden so you have food for the winter, or earning money so you can have food for the winter and etc. 

You will find emergency preparedness information, tips, ideas, resources galore, and more to help you prepare and be ready when faced with a life-threatening situation. It's information that can save your life, the only question is.......when disaster strikes, will you be ready?

These are only brief general overviews and ideas. Each and every situation is different and we can't cover all scenarios but we will try to cover the basics. As time goes on we will be adding more and more detailed information on how to be prepared for any disaster that might hit you. This is just a part of our overall effort to teach people how to Live Rich on Less. 

We believe that being prepared is not only vital for surviving, minimizing costs, and fun but also greatly reduces ones mental stress. Although we love gadgets and high tech we very much believe in using high-tech to  go  low-tech. For every situation we will try to bring you both an "analog" (not tech solution) and a high tech solution using your smart phone or tablet. 

If you want more detailed info or individual tutoring we do have a few books we have written and from time to time have Frugal Prosumer Gatherings.