Who are we?

First of all let me introduce you to John. Ihave been married to him for 39 years and the adventure happily continues. John is and always has been an entrepreneur. He has been involved in starting his own businesses since elementary school. He has done consulting for over 200 businesses and organizations as well as financially counseling over 1000 individuals.

He has spent over thirty years living and working in Asia and the Middle East. He has an AA in Marketing, a BA in Business Administration, an MA in Education, and has pursued post graduate studies as an Educational Specialist in Guidance and Counseling. Blah, Blah, Blah!

John’s path has lead him into teaching opportunities spanning kindergarten through college as well as adult education classes. He has taught in traditional school settings as well as at home with many home schoolers over the years. He has taught classes on: Computer Usage (Desktop Publishing, Databases, Accounting, Word, Excel, Macintosh, Windows, etc.), Running a Small Business, Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants, Outdoor survival skills and preparedness, Senior Life Issues, Using Quickbooks, Bible, Personal Finances, Bankruptcy, and the list goes on.

John and I teach The Frugal Prosumer lifestyle that keeps one financially, physically, and mentally healthy. Our emphasis is on things that enable one to Live Rich on Less and at the same time prepare for an uncertain tomorrow. And now having discovered a tremendous Frugal Prosumer tool (the iPad), we will be emphasizing its use.

Together we  have  authored several books: The 7 Pillars of The Frugal Prosumer, The Frugal Prosumer Finances Workbook, Tips to Escaping Debt Slavery, as well as a book John co-authoredon choosing computer accounting programs for small businesses.

I(Mary) love roses. Okay there is more. I have been a Frugal Prosumer for a long time. Coming from a family of nine I learned how to live frugally and do it happily. I lived in Canada until age thirteen and my world travel continued when John and I worked in Japan and Pakistan.

Some of my talents, interests and passions over the years involve singing, songwriting, studying and using herbal medicine, being a mom, working with John in business ventures, as well as operating my own cottage industry of herbal body care products.

This is our story, how we live, and things we do to prepare for the future. Things that work whether the economy crashes or prospers. It is a culmination of our years of research and our dreams of making this world and planet a better place. It is our gift to the world and how we invest in the most valuable resource in the world– relationships. It is a tool to make your life better and at the same time help others along the way. 

Our goal is to Live Free while teaching others to do the same.

  • Free to enjoy life and follow our passions.
  • Free from having to work at a job we don’t like or does not allow us to follow our passions.
  • Free from having to worry about money, bills, mortgage, retirement, rising energy costs, the stock market, investments, etc.
  • Free to do things that are good for mankind, the earth, and ourselves.
  • Free to live an abundant life while spurring others on to love and good deeds.

We have  done our fair bit of complaining about all that is wrongs in this world. We have chosen to replace complaining with action and to develop a community of students and teacher where we can learn together the basic skills need to live free. We invite you to join our school as we learn and teach- The Way of the Frugal Prosumer.

The Frugal Prosumer School--  Where the students teach and the teachers learn.

Where there are no graduates or degrees because the learning never stops.